The powerful toolset and datasets available as SaaS

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The Power of VideoLock Easily Intergrated With Other Systems Using Our SaaS API.

Suited to vendors and service providers needing the unique technology
and advanced features of the VideoLock platform for thier business.

Anti-Piracy services and tools as SaaS through our REST API

The capabilities essential for effective protection provided as SaaS

All the power, without the pain of development

The SaaS product provides full access to the tools within the VideoLock platform down to a granular level as well as opening up the vast unique data sets it holds. VideoLock allows not only the ability to use the tools to carry out the protection work, but also to analyse the results by enriching or cross-referencing against a wealth of data. Data which includes fine historic detail for the domains where applicable, down to identifying the site framework used, allowing for insight to be drawn.

The unrivalled capabilities of the platform come from the toolset which is designed and built specifically for this increasingly complex area of work. Vendors can take full advantage of any capability and use it within their existing products and services. Content owners or external companies can even build a full service just using the API to connect the systems they want to suit the specific work they are doing.

The continual updating of the toolset, with new capabilities but without the need for an internal development team to make or maintain them, is a huge advantage, not to mention cost-saving, especially when the resource required is so specialised. Standard developers quickly find themselves lost due to the active efforts of the pirates to hide, mislead or even defend against apps trying to tackle their systems.

To access the proven capabilities which have limitless horizontal scale is easy through the SaaS product using a REST API. The benefits are clear, and our team works to keep advancing the system as new challenges are discovered and tackled, as well as dealing with the changes or deployment of defences against protection work. Our clients are able to submit potential new discoveries or any variations encountered, and our team will add these to the pipeline for analysis and development, allowing even faster advancement through collaboration.