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Content and Brand Protection Service

The leading anti-piracy/Protection service. Unbeaten for overall effectivness.
That is why other vendors use our SaaS service in thier products.

Content & Brand Protection Designed to Best Fit Your Specific Needs

Full or Partially Managed Protection Service

VideoLock has a wide range of in-house developed powerful tools and specialised resources and support from our R & D team. Our skills are sought after by rights-holders, brands needing protection and investigation, as well as anti-piracy vendors needing expert advice.

The way that infringement and exploitation occurs is often thought to be the same between types of content, e.g. every TV show will get pirated in the same manner. This belief though is incorrect in the current environment due to a wide range of reasons, even down to the different audience profiles that an animated TV show would have compared with another TV show for the same age group that is not animated. These differences can have a massive impact on the methods used, distribution routes, and how the content is even structured and displayed on websites.

Our team have the full capabilities and resources to identify and adapt to the service provided, ensuring the best results are achieved. The service can be provided as a partially managed service, giving you full access to interfaces to control the platform, while our staff provide support and their expertise alongside as an extension to your team. Together we combine the knowledge of your business with the experience and insight from VideoLock.

The alternative is that we can provide a fully managed service with a single point of contact for you to be able to get the information and support your business requires. Your assigned member of our team will communicate important information and progress updates in a way that fits with your work. This can be done via regular personal meetings or through daily reports supported by online sessions to highlight findings as well as to answer questions that may come from talking through the report.

We are also able to provide presentations to suit different audiences. Communication and understanding within your business are vital in this fast-changing environment and allowing a business to remain up to speed on the latest developments is pivotal. With the recent trends VideoLock has tracked extending beyond simply content targets (and the focus widening to a companies brand or other related activities) keeping all parts of a business informed reduces the risks that could otherwise cause damage simply from not being recognised.