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Pirates continue to use increasingly sophisticated technology, we saw this change coming so we created another more sophisticated AI module more than capable of tackling such a threat.

VideoLock increases AI use within it's platform to tackle the new wave of sophisticated pirate technology.


Methods used to exploit content have become increasingly complex compared to techniques used until relatively recently, across the majority of sites in this space which had content links unprotected in the page HTML.

VideoLock, having deployed our first AI system in 2017 into the platform, has taken the use of such technology to a much higher level. The new AI module makes it possible to bypass the many techniques created and deployed by infringing sites/platforms specifically designed to hide or mislead automated systems to stop content access being shut down. The many variations we see, even between the same methods on other domains, can block or misdirect standard automation without AI. The capabilities of the module we have created is that it can adapt and see through the differences, changes or chaining of steps required to reach the underlying content links or hosts, learning from each task making it capable of a growing range of challenges.

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Torrenting use grows as users are torrenting, many unaware.

Are you part of a multi Tbps content delivery network?

P2P is literally everywhere


We process a huge volume of data per day as we traverse the web seeking clients content we are protecting. This data reveals that many of the sites are using the older tech of P2P networks to cut bandwidth required to deliver the content. This may be done directly by the sites, or as is more often the case, it is used by one of the multiple player options that a content distribution platform loads into its page.

The content is delivered in this way to the end user from a server infrastructure they have built upon allowing easy implementation of hybrid solutions. The potential savings are large and the technology enables their existing network capacity to be greatly increased without cost and with only minor alterations needed by the sites.

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Film studios distribution limbo

With cinemas closing all over the USA and now in the UK, it appears that film studios are looking to release their films early in the digital marketplace as a way of recouping lost profits. However, it seems obvious that online piracy will make just as much of a dent in these profits as the Covid-19 disease has, and unless the studios ensure a plan of action to combat this is in place, it could be all for nothing.

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A cinema at home, content for free

With 50"+ TVs now less than £300, 5.1+ sound systems less than £100, and with a vast array of apps and platforms giving users access to up to 4K content for free, it is no wonder that home cinema has become far more prevalent in recent years.

DVD and blu ray sales, although at one time were accounting for a huge percentage of the home video market, now account for less than 10%. Although this drop could relate to the recent recession, and perhaps even to a cultural move away from materialism, it seems reasonable to assume that the rise of streaming services is one of the biggest causes for this.