Link counts without deep context say nothing about your business. At VideoLock, we provide reports with real meaning for your business.

Enrichment with our unique datasets adds real meaning, showing traffic up to real-time,
geo-search exposure, which media-players and mobile apps that your links appear in,
as well as affording your business real actionable insight showing clearly the links that
are most damaging against those with little to no exposure so pose negligible risk.
Your budget for protection of your assets will give measurably much greater ROI.

Reporting that measures and monitors real impact on your business

Real impact reporting which also monitors the difference made any protection work.

It has long been asked by clients just how much damage piracy or brand exploitation is having, what difference anti-piracy is having, or is it a lost battle before it has even begun?

If you are of the opinion that it is a lost battle then we believe that you have worked, or are working with, the wrong people.
Firstly, through our reporting, we can measure real points of interest to your business not just numbers of links, which I'm sure you will agree on their own cannot be shown to relate to your business. In addition, besides the meaningful insight and measurements that we can tailor our services to fit your needs (and this shows in the results shown in the reports) the technical reports we run can reveal information about ANY protection work, not just work carried out by VideoLock.

VideoLock observes all too often, where a method of exploitation for whatever reason is shown as the biggest in any given scenario, is clear from both passive and active monitoring that this has gone unnoticed (or perhaps beyond the capabilities of the service provider) and is left unchallenged. This is painful to see because even without reporting completed, damaging events like this are considerable. These events affect all those connected to it. Inevitably the repercussions of such events impact the entire industry through the squeeze on future investment.