Data Forensic Services


Industry-Specific Specialist. Investigators & Evidencing services for Court or Private Legal Requirements

VideoLock has long been at the forefront of data forensics and analysis helping to reveal the hidden connections between the many distinct entities in this fast-moving area, providing the expertise for investigation and data evidence.

The pirate landscape has changed recently in a huge way. It was not long ago that the majority of infringements identified involved the content link being directly in the HTML of a webpage or hidden within a protector link in the page. Extracting content links from a webpage for the content VideoLock protected was a simple process which also required limited resource due to no rendering by the browser necessary, only the processing of the HTML with simple parsing.

That is now very much the minority in terms of the volume and variety of content links. If the risk and the exposure that the individual content links have in context are also taken into account, this divide between the old methods and the more recent is vast and without question shows the areas needing to action. These represent a paradigm shift in what is required in order to work effectively and get the necessary results. The main reason for this is the many and varied defences invented and deployed in these systems, specifically to block efforts to counter the damage they are enabling. The defences are unlike anything developers are likely to encounter in other work and usually exploit unrelated technologies blended which are unconnected normally with the exploitation tech you would expect. Tackling these needs experienced and skilled resources, which we offer with our unique tools. 

The evidencing service has the option for us to support in court if required. An experienced member of the team can be made available to attend court as an expert witness, who can field questions around the subject of the work we do, as well as give further details about the evidence prepared and provided. Witnessing is available internationally as well as in the UK. We are also aware of the unpredictability of the court process, therefore we can make arrangements to maintain a flexible period so that should an expert be called upon then they will be able to attend court for a statement and questioning.

This approach does require more resource initially, but the results are many times greater of that than which can be achieved by common well adopted general technologies which likely would include the well-known approaches of scraping and crawling [even with some AI processing included] mainly around the smaller (but easy to see and measure) part of the internet known as 'The Surface Web' which in simple terms is what is known to search engines which form the main point of access.