Are Google’s Results Working For Your Brand?

For over 20 years, Google has had an increasingly large impact on the lives of people around the globe at an inconceivable level. Every second, approximately 63,000 searches take place, with people looking for news, information and for somewhere to spend their hard-earned cash. With an average 5.6 billion searches a day, Google holds a […]

Zippyshare Goes Offline In The UK

Multiple sites and sources are reporting that as of 9th March 2019, Zippyshare, one of the most prominent free file hosting sites on the internet, has gone offline in the UK. Visitors attempting to reach the domain are now simply being shown a ‘403 Forbidden’ error. Despite being compliant with most DMCA takedown notices, the […]

Cloudflare Suspends Streaming Sites and File Hosters, But Not Over Piracy

Article from: Cloudflare has suspended the account of the video streaming service RapidVideo, as well as several similar platforms. Some suspect that piracy allegations have something to do with it, but Cloudflare refutes this. The company explains that it can sometimes suspend sites that are found to cache a “disproportionate” amount of non-HTML files. […]