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VideoLock provides piracy countermeasures to the film and television industry.

Since 2014, VideoLock has continued to fight the battle against piracy in the UK and around the globe, ensuring continued and progressive results in protecting content for the film and television industries.

We automatically detect pirate links almost immediately after they are posted, using our in-house Pirate Engine; a near real-time, ever expanding data warehouse of pirate links.

With a dynamic team made up of technology architects, data engineers and filmmakers, we have continued to build upon the reputation that AudioLock secured as the music industry’s leading anti-piracy platform. We deliver measurable results from effective processes to protect the hard work behind the small and big screens of the world.

Understanding the risks, vulnerabilities and how the creative industry is affected by piracy is key to our success. This includes understanding the production process, right through to the distribution of works.

This fuels our determination to tackle piracy and ensure that audiences continue to access a large range of high-quality entertainment, whilst protecting the artistic values of the industry. In doing this, we aim to help protect the revenue streams and enhance the outreach of producers and all others involved in the delivery chain.

With a combined effort, together we will further reduce the impact of piracy through education and the development of new distribution opportunities and technologies.

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The cost of online piracy will hit $52 billion by the year 2022.

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